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4 Alkol
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Appearance:Clear Liquid
Usage: Mainly used in the manufacture of phthalic acid, ErYuanSuan aliphatic acid and butyl acrylate classes are widely used in all kinds of plasticizer, plastic and rubber products. Also in organic synthesis of butyl butyrate, aldehyde, amino acid and butyl acrylate etc. Or grease, drugs (such as antibiotics, hormone and vitamin) and spices extractant, alkyd paint additives. Also available for organic dyes and printing ink solvents, dewaxing agent.
Packing:180 Kgs/drum, 14.4 Mts in 20'FCL
Ethylene Glycol
Appearance: The ethylene glycol family of products are clear, moderately
viscous, hydroscopic liquids at room temperature. For your convenience, below is
a summary of specifications and typical properties of the three major ethylene
glycols: Ethylene Glycol(EG), Diethylene Glycol(DEG), and Triethylene
1.  Freeze protection, heat transfer and hydraulic fluids; natural gas and
hydrocarbon treating agent.
2.  Hydroscopic agents for paper, cork and textile conditioning.
3.  Plasticizer formulations and raw materials for ester and polyester
4.  The ethylene glycol familys solvency properties are useful in custom
formulation of paints, dyes, inks and other blended products.
Packing : 230 Kgs plastic drums, 18.4 Mts in the 20'FCL
2-ETHYL-1-HEXANOL ( 2-ethyl hexanol )
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Usage: Use as producing plasticizer foam suppressor,dispersant,dressing agent,oil fill additives,printing and dyeing,coat with paint.film etc,used in the production of Phthalates for rubber and plastic (PVC) fabrication. It is a good paint solvent and an active component of textile finishing formulation, acrylate and additives for diesel fuel and lube oil.
Packaging:180 Kgs/drum, 14.4 Mts in 20'FCL
Appearance: Colorless clear liquids
Useage: Used for the production of surfactants,plasticizers,fatty alcohol.etc.
Packing:180 Kgs/drum, 14.4 Mts in 20'FCL
Isopropyl Alcohol
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Usage: Widely used to produce coatings,inks ,extraction agents, aerosol agent,antifreeze, etergents.
Packaging:180 Kgs/drum, 14.4 Mts in 20'FCL.


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